A New Year!

January 5, 2021

A New Year!

Hi folks

Imagine… we did it! Yup, we endured a difficult year with all its challenges and as we enter 2021, it is a renewed hope that soon, the virus pandemic will be held at bay! Roll up your sleeve…

So, if we were able to deal with all the unexpected changes last year, then perhaps it gives each of us a new perspective on how we can face the future. Unexpected challenges always happen in everyone’s life. Perhaps we have used them as excuses for not accomplishing something important to us. But now that we see what we are capable of, maybe we will not have the determination (gumption) to get on with those goals… I mean, what have we got to lose?

I have always mumbled that when I got older, I would start painting, but there was always an excuse for not getting on with it. Well, I finally prepped a canvas and then posted it on my personal FB page to encourage all my friends and acquaintances that 2021 is like a blank canvas… now it’s up to us to ‘paint’ the picture. I was kinda proud of myself, but then kept staring at the canvas and realized that I better get at it myself. So, I did my first painting and entitled it ‘A New Year’… That is the image you see here. It is a stylized painting of earth to sky with the sun between and scattered throughout are the blending of depths of colour and shades to remind us all that we will all face interruptions and obstacles and changes of direction, but when all is said and done, we will end up with a painting at the end of the year.

So… take up your brush, grab your paints and Get Paintin’!

Happy New Year to all and may it be one filled with a sense of gratitude, courage, compassion, creativity and a deep and abiding love for those we share our lives with. The time to move is now so… Get Packin’!